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Our Services

  • Permanent Placement

    Permanent placement nannies commit to your family for periods of time greater than 6 months. These nannies may live with you or commute daily to your home.

  • Temporary Placement

    Temporary placement nannies are with a family 6 months or less and help families bridge gaps between life events and other childcare arrangements.

  • Babysitting Services

    Babysitters require no long term commitment and may be used as needed for date nights, running errands without children, and sick days for you or your children.


We are so glad you are here and hope you will allow us to help you find the best care for your home and family. It is our goal to personally meet and get to know every nanny and family, so that we can match you with the perfect fit! You will never find with us a phone match or (gasp) worse, something done only via text or email. This is your family we are talking about and we take it very seriously!