Permanent Placement Nannies

Permanent nannies are those that commit to a job for a minimum of seven months. The average permanent nanny commitment is one year. The weekly hours could be full time (35+) or part time (10-34) and this nanny could live in or out of your home. It is Hutson Nannies’ utmost priority to find a nanny for you that meets not only your logistical needs, but also the right personality for your family. We don’t want someone that “will work” for a year, but someone that you and your kids will love!

Family must be paid in full before the selected start date for the placement to commence.

Part Time Full Time Live-in Placement
Deposit $300 $300 $500
Percentage of nanny’s
annual gross compensation
15% ($2500 min) 15-20% ($3000 min) 20%
Begin Begin Begin