About Dinah Hutson

Ask anyone in her life for very long, and they will tell you, Dinah Jane Hutson loves two things: being the boss and matching people up. Whether it is for a Bible study, career networking, planning parties and trips, or finding them someone to volunteer or work with…it’s a passion and life is too short not to do what you love!

Hutson grew up in a home with two busy professional parents and learned the importance, and more importantly, love and TLC provided by reliable and loyal staff from a young age. She also learned to love children. From the time she was allowed (with supervision) around nine years old, she would beg her mom to babysit. People would bring children to the Hutson home and she would “babysit” them. And, as they say, the die was cast. She had her first solo-babysitting gig at age 12 and was a nanny every summer in high school, babysat for everyone in their small town and was a camp counselor at a Hill Country camp in college, the summers she was not nannying, of course!

Hutson moved to the fabulous city of Austin, Texas to attend the one and only University of Texas at Austin. She had a blast and majored in Radio, TV, Film and worked on major film productions during her time in college. After graduation in 2002, she moved to Los Angeles, CA to follow her dreams of pursuing a career in Hollywood. She was a personal/executive assistant to an A-list writer/director/producer for four years. Besides the perks of meeting a few celebs, (Hugh Jackman, anyone?) she also learned how important an assistant, nanny, security, housekeeper, chef and driver can be to a jet setting family with homes in multiple states and to-do lists miles long! While in LA she continued nannying in her free time and met the first of several amazing women who run nanny agencies full time.

After a few other adventures that took her to New York City, Venezuela and Kenya, she felt the homeland calling her back, so in 2007 she returned to Texas. It was there that a friend whose nanny agency she had worked with for years, planted the seed that this business might just be her true calling, and so the idea for Hutson Nannies was born.

Hutson has had many role models, but most importantly, she is a child of God. She loves to be reminded that Jesus came so that we can have life to the full until it overflows and she plans to do just that. She still babysits, tutors, works out at least three times a week, volunteers through the Junior League of San Antonio, is a Girls Inc mentor, is an advisor for the Alpha Xi Delta chapter at UT, and is constantly thinking of the next adventure she can plan for her friends and family. She thrives on her passion for meeting people and uncovering their dreams and goals, hoping to help them realize their potential.

For a former nanny-turned-president of her own company, Hutson Nannies is more than just a nanny placement agency; it is an adventure and dream come true.