How it works

So, how is this going to work?

Step one:

WE learn about YOU! Family contacts Hutson Nannies to discuss their needs during a short call. If family is ready to begin their search we will send over the link to set up family profile, sign family agency agreements and a request for registration fee. Once signed and paid, we move to step two.

Step two:

A meeting will be set up between agency and family at the family’s home or conducted via Zoom, so that Hutson Nannies can meet the entire family and get a real feel for the kind of nannies that will best work for them. At this point we will discuss the nanny’s/family’s schedule, job responsibilities, childcare philosophies and the ideal qualities you would like to see in your nanny on both a personal and professional level.

Step three:

Search for nanny begins. When suitable nannies are found based on your specific criteria, Hutson Nannies contacts the family. After reviewing the candidates we represent and determining who meets your needs we will send you profiles of a multiple candidates for your consideration.

Step four:

Hutson Nannies arranges interviews for family with your favorite candidates in your home, including supplying family with suggested interview questions and discussion topics. After the interview, Hutson Nannies follows up with both the family and the candidates for confidential feedback.

Step five:

For full-time searches family will choose a package from 3 tiers. Based on the tier chosen by the client additional background checks, driving record searches or drug tests are run. SSN trace, address history, county criminal, federal criminal, global watchlist and sex offender database checks are included in the standard background check and are run on ALL candidates.

Step six:

Once you have chosen your future nanny, Hutson Nannies helps facilitate the negotiation process with chosen candidate to agree upon expectations, salary, benefits etc. We will also educate you on your responsibilities as an employer, and coordinate any last-minute details.

Step seven:

Start date is set and remainder of fee is paid.

Step eight:

You have a fantastic nanny to enhance your family! We are always here to answer questions, provide back-up childcare, or to just stay in touch!

We can’t wait to meet your precious family.